Monday, February 13, 2012

We Need A Big Truth Movement Presence in Stamford CT on March 23

Q. What is happening in Stamford?
A. The United National Antiwar Coalition is having its third convention where 9/11 Truth could be voted into that coalition.

Q. How do I register?
In addition, you might NOT want to mention 911 Truth issues until you get there.

Q. Is it true leading peace activists believe the official story of 9/11?
A. With a few exceptions, most peace movement leaders are hostile to 911 Truth. They generally refuse to discuss the evidence at all. In 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pa this conference voted against allowing 9/11 Truth into the coalition by a 48 to 61 vote. Last conference, in 2010 in Albany, NY, the vote was much larger and was about 5 to 1 against allowing us in. Former Project Censored director Peter Phillips, a respected professor and antiwar activist was not allowed to present a proposal to end censorship within UNAC.

Q. Are there specific parts of the conference which need attention?
A. Prof Phillips anti-censorship proposal mentioned above will be voted on in plenary. In addition, Workshops on Islamaphobia and Civil Liberties should have included speakers from the truth movement. I requested 3 minutes at the Islamaphobia workshop, but they won't even return my call. The leadership of UNAC amazingly thinks it's countering the wave of Islamaphobia without looking at evidence that Muslims art not the culprits. There have been serious violations of the civil liberties of antiwar activists, but they still don't think 911 Truth evidence will make it harder to abridge civil liberties. Since the NDAA does seriously weaken the right to habeas corpus and every major institution refuses to ask the hard questions about 9/11, it is reasonable to associate censorship of 9/11 with threats to civil liberties.

Q. Most of those attending seem to be leftists. If I don't consider myself a leftist, should I still consider coming?
A. Yes. We need everyone's vote. It probably would be advisable not to involve oneself in arguments over other or even related issues, but your presence will be of value.

Q. Will there be a meeting time for truth activists?
A. We hope so. Check back here as the time approaches.

Q. Are there more ways I can help besides attending?
A. Yes. We need people to call our list of truth activists. Others might need ridesharing. Please call me, Dave Slesinger, at 410-499-5403 or email me at

Q. Will we know what day the plenary occurs?
A. Probably we can give notice for those who just want to come that day, but with 4 to a room at 119 per night, 130 registration plus 30 for a night or $160 is little different than 130 for the one day jaunt. Any attendance is appreciated.

Q How soon will we know if we have enough votes?
A. I doubt the numbers of those traveling would by themselves be sufficient, but in 2009 a dozen truth sympathizers convinced three dozen others to join us. Nevertheless it is more important to be persuasive rather  provocative  to set a tone for further effort. Consider reviewing the words of the psychologists on ESO.

Q. What are some effective approaches to those who stand against looking at the evidence?
A.Here are 6 suggestions
 1.If we could show that Arab and Muslim people are not the 9/11 culprits, Islamaphobia would be undercut. Is confronting racism all of a sudden unimportant? So why are you opposed to even examining the evidence?

2. Our rights to freedom of speech and assembly are seriously threatened because both the current and previous administration have convinced most citizens that 9/11 requires such security precautions. Why should you deserve these freedoms while distancing yourself from those who present the deepest challenge to such a lie?Remember the story from Nazi Germany:(paraphrased) "First they came for socialists, but I wasn't a socialist, and said nothing. Then they came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew, and said nothing. After coming for others unlike me, they finally came for me, and there was no one left to say anything." 

3.  Many among the antiwar leadership say that 9/11 truth is a distraction from the real issue. If they believe the official story, that's one thing. But if they don't, they are implying that it is OK for the government to lie in the instance which brought on the wars and repression, but not OK when it comes to lying about the wars and repression themselves. 

4. Using 'Conspiracy theorist' as a put-down of 9/11 truth implies that it is unreasonable to think that those in power could not have been involved in their own conspiracy to abuse that power.

5. It is clear from photographic, video, and testimonial evidence that the official story is false, that the buildings on 9/11 fell through the path of most resistance and produced temperatures impossible under that story's scenario. This is high-school level physics. Understanding this, and yet choosing to ignore it, is to side with a lying government that used the lies to bring you all the things you are protesting against.

6."How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" A Conan Doyle

Q. Are there other blogs useful for this purpose?
A. Yes. My personal efforts outside AE911Truth include:


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